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 Helius Legion

The Helius Legion was the most elite unit in the armed forces of the United Systems Republic. Made up entirely of genetically engineered clones, their presence in a star system was often enough to avoid bloodshed. The Legion was instrumental in securing victory over the Syndicate in the Unification war.

Following the outbreak of the Imur virus and the deactivation of the hyper-gate network a thousand years later, the Legion was placed in to stasis. They awakened four thousand years later to find themselves nearly out of the precious curium that powered their reactors. Seeking to acquire additional resources, and discover the fate of the government they had so faithfully served, the Legion decided to venture out of their home system.

A fleet of ships was dispatched to the various Republic worlds to discover the fate of the Legion’s former masters. However, after nearly a thousand years of traveling at sub-light speeds, one Legion vessel discovered another race occupying the Republic world of Novus. The clones now find themselves fighting a noble battle to cleanse Novus of the trespassers, and reunite the now scattered Republic.

Gavatri Dominion    

Little is known about the mysterious Gavatri. It is believed that they were once not all that different from humans. What is known however, is that the Gavatri have a nearly fanatical reverence for technology. So much so that they actually incorporate it in their bodies. A powerful strain of nanites they developed some time early in their history, allows their bodies to accept this technology. It also grants them the ability to communicate non-verbally.

The Gavatri believe that by implanting themselves with a sufficient amount of technology, they can transcend their physical bodies and join what they call the Netherverse. This would grant them a greater understanding and awareness of the universe. This belief compels the Gavatri to share their faith with others. However, the Gavatri are fanatical in their faith. Denying their generous offer means courting their wrath.

 Dronos Corporation

The Dronos Corporation was the leading robotics manufacturer in human space. When the Unification War broke out, the company began producing combat drones. Due to their tremendous numbers, the only system able to coordinate their efforts was the Dronos Corporation’s Mining Operations Mainframe or M.O.M. The revolutionary A.I. had previously run the thousands of Dronos Corp automated mining drones scattered across human space.

The end of the war brought with it a thousand years of prosperity for the United Systems Republic. Then came the Imur virus, and ultimately the fall of the USR. On Dronos, Imur was particularly lethal to the children. In their desperation, the adults transferred the minds of the children to the colony’s computer core under the protection of M.O.M.

When an extremist group attempted to destroy the colony by detonating its reactor, M.O.M. transferred the children’s minds into the remaining combat drones and had them eliminate the remaining adults. For the next three thousand years, the children helped M.O.M. fulfill her original programming and claim the galaxy’s resources for the Dronos.