Guide for users about Napoleon Total War’s Mod

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1. Napoleon total war mods 2.0 compared to the original version:

  • 43 Battle Maps:

These maps in the new Napoleon total war mods show the representation of the wars from Mansfield and Pea Ridge to Shiloh, from Chickamauga and Champion Hill to the Campaign valley fields of Cedar Creek and Cross Keys. Actually, 30 new maps have been added to 13 existing maps, they all support up to 6 players.

  • 3700 unique regiments, Leaders, and Artillery Batteries:

Napoleon total war mods’ features help make up the data based on the Historical Scenarios, which measure the player’s strength in the battles they had been on that day. For example, they show the percentage of the player’s actual strength such as 35%, 40%, or 50%.

On the other hand, the Custom Battle armies are larger and more effective if they are supported by the Union III Corps, the Coastal Forces army, and the army of the Cumberland. Additionally, the Confederates correspond with the Coastal Forces army, which relates to heavy artillery batteries of the Army of Tennessee.

Besides that, the Cavalry armies are revised with “Early”, “Mid”, “Late”, in which include arms and strength. Figure them out and experience the various new utility, special troopers, and a wide range of available leaders.

2. Additional Napoleon total war mods information:

Additional Napoleon total war mods information

  • Napoleon total war mods only provide single or multi-player with NO campaign.
  • The players are allowed to play historical scenarios following below information:

–           All the regiments, the Artillery batteries, and the leaders have their certain designations of Order of Battle, they are Brigade, Regiment No, State, Corps, Division, etc.

–           There are several available units which count from A to F. The Unit icons are classified by unit quality. This “quality” is shown on the unit card/icon, and the similar quality will conduct the similar unit icon. In particular, the special units have their own icons. This arrangement will help the players determine each unit’s quality clearly and then use them more effectively. On the other hand, the unit’s quality will be ranked on a standard board, especially on Fatigue and Moral boards.

–           Regimental real powers are 35% or 50% from the report of the battle time.

–           Batteries, Regiments, and Leaders are located in the best positions according to some source information.

–           Infantry: the units carry either Smoothbore or Rifled Muskets. About Smoothbore, it offers “Buck & Ball” with the close range. So, pay attention to your regiment position.

–           Artillery: the units will be represented exactly with the original cannon while joining a battle. CSA batteries are gathered in the gun types. However, the game limits a battery amount to a single type now so that it is essential to allocate the most suitable gun for each kind of battery.

  • In single-player mode, the players are recommended to take part in the defending army.
  • Scenarios gather from 6000 to approximately 20000 mixed troops. About 100 regiments on 1 army in Chickamauga and Shiloh, which make your system, suffer from pressure prominently.

Known issues of Napoleon total war mods

3. Known issues of Napoleon total war mods:

  • Main menu:

–           The base/vanilla NTW game could be approached to restart a new or the saved previous campaign.

–           You are suggested to do this if you have removed all “acw_” from the \data folder, and replace it with a \data\acw folder.

  • Map selection for battles:

–           The maps are displayed on the left screen of the battle and arranged in an opposite alphabet order (Z to A).

–           In order to resort it from A to Z, you just click on the map’s header name.

  • Custom Army Build Screen:

–           An unnecessary unit section switch has been found when choosing armies/corps to build, especially the Confederate Coastal Corps and the Union Coastal.

–           After picking a typical Corp, click on its name on the menu bar twice in order to see their units which lie on the bottom area of unit selection.

  • Graphics/textures:

–           Based on your own graphics settings, you will focus on the “shadow” on unit faces and components. The original issue is the existing of a shadow on Confederate soldiers. The second one is that shadow may appear on the head’s left side, move along from the top of the head to the neck and cover the ear also. To solve this problem, the players should remove the “” file. However, this way can affect negatively on the texture quality on the unit’s uniforms, parts, gears, and more.

–           Confederate Major: there is a “normal” mark of the General officer’s group coming from frock coat collar, which represents the destruction in the “acw2_normal.atlas” file. This issue is difficult to fix since when solving it successfully, it creates more new other problems.

  • Sound: Sound files have been re-allocated from 1.0 version, it is no longer controlled carefully. Therefore, if the players suffer drops in the sound, then they may have to tweak the sound settings in the “options” of the game.
  • Maps: The Lordz Height map is used to perform each map. If a map creates water which is close to an edge, this will cause problems. Fredericksburg and Fisher’s Hill are terrible instances of restricted skills and tools in order to settle the ‘far map’/out-of-bounds locations and turn them into the more natural outlook.

Historical scenarios suggestions of Napoleon total war mods


4. Performance issues of mods:


  • The past scenarios are huge, which are mostly done with Regimental sizes of 50% strength like Chickamauga and Shiloh (35%).
  • Test and accommodate the system settings regularly.

5.Suggestions of Napoleon total war mods:


  • If you want to play SOLO, so you have to play the defending mode with the aim of giving the coolest challenges and allowing the AI to attack more confidently.
  • The severe challenges belong in 3v3 scenarios in the case of controlling 2 armies.

Bug reporting:

  • Bugs reports are supported even if they are legitimate. However, in fact, these issues find hard to overcome.
  • An update with improvements, corrections, and feedback will be launched after a few months later. Additionally, future contents, battles, and uniforms will also be added into.