Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace Dungeon Guide

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Despite the fact that you are almost free to arrive and go as your intention in the Persona 5, the main story factors happen at particular time points in the calendar. You gain an acceptable amount of time to finish them. However, it is necessary to remember that the deadline is always a deadline. Thus, at the time you demand to take your time talking to people, getting a part-time job, joining in leisure activities, etc., do not ever stop watching out the clock!

The following includes a walkthrough of Kamoshida’s palace dungeon in Persona 5. You will be paying at least four visits to this place. Nonetheless, the first two times will be in the form of a tutorial and basic introduction to how Palaces run so the game will instruct you through them. The two visits left will be the real deal for you. Then how to survive through this challenge? Let’s take a look at this article.

Floor 1F

After the instructional visits throughout the events of April, you are discovering completely without guidance. However, the rest is quite limited. From the save space you head to the left side – there is a rival at the end of the hall to cope with before you go inside the banqueting hall.

After that, three more enemies hide in here. However, there are a lot of covers to both hides from them or to create a sudden combat before moving through the far entrance. There is another enemy in the hallway ahead, together with you will then get to the stairs to the next level.

Floor 2F

There are several enemies in the hallway ahead of you. Then you are facing a very easy puzzle room. Hit the L1 button to uncover a trail of footprints on the floor between two of the components on the wall – pull the chains and the bars will appear and you will collect a map. Go straight down the next hallway and you are finding yourself on the upper level of the central lobby.

Work with the safe space, then go into the hallway to a brief set of stairs. Make your path up and round into a huge feast hall. At the end of the next hallway, you will stop at a wine cellar. The escape way is locked. However, there is a shelf on which you can climb. This shelf leads you to an airing shaft that will get you around the stairs up to the floor 3F.

Floor 3F

Work with the safe location at the top of the stairs then go into the hallway. When you get to a connection take the turn at the left and collect the book from the small space at the end. After that, double back and go the other way. You will go through a locked door which you are unable to do anything, so continue going to the end of the hallway and go inside the room on your right side to catch sights of another book. After that, go back to the locked door and get the turning to the left to recognize another small room and a third book.

Go straight back to the locked door. This time, go to the right side into a long hallway. The door number 1 on the left will bring you to a library. There are three breaks on the shelves – the Slave book goes in the break nearby the books about the boys, the King book goes on the shelf nearby the books on Kamoshida. Finally, the Queen book goes into the room nearby the books on the female students. Go into the uncovered room and look for the bookshelf on the right to reach a medal and another map. Go back to the locked door and put the medal in the lock and there you go!

Heavenly Punisher

This enemy is not very hard to defeat, and he is more an establishment to the ploy of protecting. He is immune to lightning and fire as well so Ann and Ryuji maybe better launched making physical hits, and in case that he does a Charge movement then take up a protective position if you do not believe that you are able to kill him before his next turn.

Right after he is defeated, go to the far side of the room and go onto the crates and up to the stoop. You will see another locked door. However, you can work with the pillars to make your path to the connecting balcony on the other side, and through the entrance into a long hallway. Go after it all the way to the right side and open the door above the first balcony to make a shortcut in case that you need to reverse, then go to the stairs to the rooftop.

Torn King of Desire

Go up the next stairs and discover the room until a rival appears and cause a challenge. He is opposed to lightning but looks highly affected by Confusion. Thus, launch Ryuji to cope out Headbutts to get the combat easy.

Right after he is defeated go up the newly-formed stairs, work with the safe room, and then put the attempt to the central door. It is locked. Go straight to the left to reach a statue you are able to climb on to get to the upper level of the throne room. Go after the balcony round, access the treasure room, and take a look at the cutscene.